GelrinC Procedure

GelrinC is implanted in a single step following standard microfracture treatment, extending the total procedure time by approximately 10 minutes.

  • Prior to the GelrinC procedure, the defect is debrided, the calcified layer is completely removed and standard microfracture is performed
  • The liquid GelrinC is applied using a standard syringe to completely fill the contained lesion. A propriety accessory kit is used to aid in sealing the lesion during application and curing of GelrinC.
  • Next, the hydrogel is exposed to UVA light for 90 seconds to form an elastomeric implant perfectly contoured to the lesion geometry and tightly integrated with the surrounding tissue and bone.
  • To complete the procedure, the implant is visually assessed, flexion/extension is performed to confirm implant retention and the incision is sutured.

The GelrinC implant gradually degrades within 6-12 months and is replaced by regenerated cartilage.

Caution: Investigational Device. Limited by U.S. law to investigational use.