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TERMIS/EU June 2014
Click on the link to open the 2014 TERMIS-EU Abstract Book. Right click to save as PDF file and then search for Regentis to read the abstracts of the following Oral Presentations:
Ratio of synthetic to natural components in GelrinC®, a hydrogel for cartilage repair, is optimal for chondrogenic differentiation of bone marrow stem cells
Goldshmid R, Cohen S, Shachaf Y, Sarig-­‚ÄźNadir O, Kupershmit I, Wechsler R, Seliktar D
A novel in-vitro model correlates to in-vivo implant tissue interactions of GelrinC®, a biosynthetic hydrogel for cartilage repair
Sarig-­Nadir O, Cohen S, Shachaf Y, Kupershmit I, Wechsler R
Deciphering the in-vivo Degradation Mechanism of GelrinC®, a Biosynthetic Hydrogel Using Novel Implant Associated MRI Probe
Shachaf Y, Berdichevski, Seliktar D, Wechsler R
11th World Congress of the International Cartilage Repair Society September 2013
S. Cohen, Y. Shachaf, O. Nadir and R. Wechsler - Regentis Biomaterials, Israel
Future Investigators of Regenerative Medicine (FIRM) September 2013

Yonatan Shachaf - Regentis Biomaterials, Israel

A Modified in-vitro Pellet Culture Model Predicts in-vivo Tissue-Implant Interactions: Application for Cartilage Repair Biomaterials

Offra Nadir - Regentis Biomaterials, Israel